New ways to play games online

In recent years, sites like has begun to promote different casino sites from Malta in a very elaborate an extensive way. It’s amazing to see the amount of quality content which they have gathered at their great site. It’s a perfect site for every casino enthusiast – of course, it’s better if you can speak and understand Swedish – but even if you aren’t that good at Swedish, the website is pretty clear and obvious regarding the different deals you can sign up to in order to become a winning player online. We at Malta Gaming Online love to play different games online, and you should really try and visit if you ever get the opportunity!

Why i love sports

Sports is something I really enjoy – both watching and participating in. My favourite sport is football – proper association football, not that lousy ”american football” which all the americans seem to enjoy. Personally, I also like and enjoy sportsbetting at Betser – it’s a really cool way to earn some extra cash and get a little bit of excitement at the same time. My suggestion is to register an account there and maybe find some cool odds on important football games. On, you can read a lot about rules and regulations and some cool facts about this country.

Triathlons and gaming in Malta

Welcome to Malta We are dedicated to two things here on this site: First of all, we love everything that is iGaming related, and we of course are passionate about triathlons. Extreme sports in general is what we enjoy doing on our spare times. A new company in Malta has emerged called Betser Casino. It really is a good example of a innovative and cool online casino and we can really recommend you to sign up and give it a go! It won’t exactly be breaking news on CNN, but we are certain you’ll get plenty of hours of entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Check out the site now!